Feed Supplements-stanex

1 DOXYNEX-FS DOXYCYCLINE & NEOMYCIN POWDER (VET) Each gram Contains:Doxycycline Hydrochloride I.P Equivalent to Doxycycline 20mg Neomycin Sulphate I.P. vet Equivalent to Neomycin 20mg 1Kg/5Kgs. For Prevention of mixed infections specially complex CRD with E.Coli, Most infections caused by Mycoplasma, Gram-positive and Gram–negative bacteria, including certain Fungi and Protozoa respond to prevent with Doxynex-FS.
2 FURANEX-FS Furazolidone 20%w/w Premix Furazolidone 20% w/w 5Kg. Furanex-FS is an essential poultry feed supplement for prevention of diseases and better weight gain Furanex-FS helps to prevent and over come intestinal disorders, improves egg production and reduces chick morality Furanex-FS also ensures better growth weight gain and feed conversion.
3 Stanex TM Broilers Concentrated Trace Mineral Feed Supplement For Poultry Feed. Each 1Kg Contains:Copper 15.0gm Iodine 2.0gm Iron 80.0gm Manganese 83.5gm Selenium 500mg Zinc 60mgCobalt 1mg 5Kg. Provides essential Minerals to the body, Helps in strengthening the bone quality, Helps in better growth and weight gain, Reduces leg weekness.
4 Stanex TM Layers Concentrated Trace Mineral Feed Supplement For Poultry Feed. Each 1Kg Contains: Copper 6.0gm Iodine 1.0gm Iron 40.0gm Manganese 65.0gm Selenium 100mg Zinc 65mg Cobalt 1mg 5Kg. Provides essential Minerals to the body, Improves bone and eggs quality, Improves growth, Production Fertility, Hatchability, Improves laying performance, Reduces leg weekness.
5 VITACAL-P Liquid Feed Supplement of Calcium, Vitamin-D₃, B₁₂, Iron & Stomach Extract for Live Stock & Poultry.(vet)Liquid Each 5ml Contains: Calcium Gluconate 416.5mg Vitamin D₃ 800 I.U. Stomach Extract 1.65mg Ferric Ammonium Citrate 83.5mg Vitamin B₁₂ 8.35mcg 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr. Ideal for Pregnant animals, Improve neuro-muscular tone, Stimulates growth in young animals, Prevents milk fever.
6 FURAVIT-FS Furltadone Hydrochloride & Vitamins Feed Supplement Each 500gm Contains: Furltadone Hydrochloride 100gm Vitamins A 5,00000 Units Vitamin-D₃ 90,000 Units Vitamin E(Acetate) 150 Units Vitamin -K₃ 150mg Vitamin B₁₂ 500mcg Vitamin B₂ 750mg Niacinamide 3000mg CDP 1000mg Infections including coil Respiratory disease either alone or complicated with E.Coli Salmonella infections. Infectious Bronchitis Caecal Coccidiosis to control all Bacterial diseases in Poultry.
7 PHYTONEX-5000G 1fram of the material contains 500FTU/Gram of phytase along with other digestive enzymes like Amylase protease. 1Kg/25Kg Drum

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