Our Company

Stanex Drugs and Chemicals PVT LTD was founded by Mr K. Bhagavan Reddy a qualified Pharmaceutical professional with decades of experience, with a vision to provide affordable medicines to everyone and become a global name in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Stanex commenced its operations with a single unit for veterinary products in 1995 and expanded into Human Injectables in 2004 with a world class facility in Hyderabad and from there it has grown leaps and bounds and currently has a presence in about 50 countries.

Stanex with a vision to develop and manufacture affordable and quality medicines and to provide healthy living for patients, is constantly focussing on developing niche molecules. With its focus on small volume liquid Injectable, lyophilized products it’s aiming to become one of the largest Injectable focussed company.

Primary focus of STANEX is to develop and commercialize generic speciality Injectables and the team continuously works to introduce new molecules. Stanex also develops routine Injectable products to cover the needs of all the patients.

With cost effective manufacturing capabilities STANEX has started off with contract manufacturing agreements with various companies and has an excellent record in terms of manufacturing or marketing complex Injectables and is also now entering into out-license agreements with various partners in semi-regulated market.


For domestic market we have our own field force and distribution network and collaborate with different hospitals for the supply of medicines as well.

Stanex has a presence in core therapeutic area like Cardiology, Nephrology, Anti-Infectives, Gastrointestinal etc; with its special focus on Nephrology, it is collaborating with different Dialysis centres and various hospitals.

Stanex manufactures products as per the global specifications with IP/BP/USP specification and complies maximum norms set by World Regulatory Boards (WHO GMP / US FDA).

Stanex’s success is driven by a combination of a highly competent and motivated commercial team, R&D backed products, aided by strong alliances and partnerships.

About us

Established in the year 2004, Stanex Drugs & Chemicals Pvt Ltd, is an exponentially growing Injectable company with a special focus on niche Injectables in different Therapeutic areas like Cardiology, Nephrology, Anti-Infectives, Gastrointestinal.


Plant Capabilities

STANEX has a state of art manufacturing facility equipped for developing Injectables in PFS and vials and has 3 lines

  •    Liquid Injectables (Vials)
  •    Prefilled Syringes
  •    Lyophilized Products

  • About 150 employees are currently working in this facility and STANEX takes outmost care in providing them the best opportunities and strives to be a better place to work.

    Plant is well equipped with manufacturing lines with ascetic filling and terminal sterilization; HEPA filters Quality control equipment, sterile holding area, packing and dispatching guidelines as per international quality standards and WHO has inspected the formulations facility.

    The Company’s strength lies in its unique offerings of speciality Injectables. STANEX plans to expand its presence to augment the current capacity of 36million vials to cater to future requirement.

    Stanex engaged in continuous improvement of products and processes to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness in order to build value for customers.

    Stanex has customers globally with sales in over 50 countries and is committed to leverage innovation and scale of operations at every step of the pharmaceutical value chain to deliver value to end customers.

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