Diagnostic positive contrast media solution

Stanex offer a wide range of positive contrast media solutions, a complete array of formulations both ionic and non-ionic used for radiological diagnosis.

Iodinated contrast media which we manufacture are water soluble and are less harmful to the body organs, & area of superior quality among other conventionally used contrast media solutions.

The iodinated contrast media products are used in Angiography, Venography, VCUG, HSG and IVU.


100, 200 and 500 ML Vials


20, 30 and 50 ML Vials


10ml Syringes

1 Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Liquid injection 469.01 mg/ml, 10/20 ml
2 Gadobutrol Liquid injection 604.72 mg/ml, 10/15/20/30 ml
3 Gadodiamide Liquid injection 287mgl/ml,10/15/20ml
4 Iohexol Liquid injection 300 & 350 mg/ml 50/100/200 ml
5 Iopamidol Liquid injection 300 & 370 mgI/ml, 50/100/200 ml
6 Iodixanol Liquid injection 270&320mgI/ml,10/15/50ml
7 Iopromide Liquid injection 300&370mgI/ml,50/100ml
8 Diatrizoate Meglumine and Diatrizoate sodium injection USP Liquid injection 67% & 76% in 20 ml
9 Gadoteric acid(Under development) Liquid injection 0.5mmol/ml/15ml/20ml
10 Ioversol(Under development) Liquid injection 300mg/320mg/350mg,50ml/100/125ml
11 Gadobenate dimeglumine(Under development) Liquid injection 529mg/ml,50ml/100ml

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