Stanex Multinational Pharmaceutical Organisation

 Stanex Multinational Pharmaceutical Organisation

Welcome to Stanex DNC, a multinational pharmaceutical organisation that has made its presence felt in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space for 20-plus years. Our steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability has made us one of the most trusted brands not just in India but also on a global scale.

Currently, we operate in almost 50 countries, working tirelessly to improve global health outcomes while setting new standards in the healthcare sector step by step. Taking advantage of our wide reach, our team of experts work in tandem with medical institutions and industry leaders to create meaningful solutions that cater to a wide range of medical needs across the region and target population.

At Stanex, we are driven by a sense of purpose and not just mere annual revenue goals. Quality and innovation serve as the bedrock for all our efforts. Our team of 150 industry experts work day after day to deliver high-efficacy drugs that meet the highest standards of quality and leave a lasting impact on one’s health and overall well-being. Our workforce works cohesively as a well-oiled machinery, fostering seamless synchronisation and collaboration throughout the entire production process. Our products are manufactured as per global specifications with IP/BP/USP specifications. We are also a WHO-GMP/US-FDA and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This cements our standing as a quality-driven pharmaceutical company on a global scale.

Our manufacturing facilities are built to accommodate efficient production lines. It is equipped with the latest technology and manned by a team of skilled personnel. We have invested our time and effort in building an infrastructure that not only caters to current needs but also can expand its output. Currently, we manufacture 36 million vials annually with plans to expand it further in the near future.

One of our biggest differentiators as a global player in the healthcare sector is our emphasis on approaching each challenge with a collaborative approach. In addition to offering a wide range of medications to our clients, we actively partner with industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and various agencies to understand their current and future needs and formulate an action plan to address them effectively.

We invite you to join and help us shape the multinational pharmaceutical organisation where patient well-being goes in tandem with organisational goals. As one of the leaders in the field, we encourage everyone to challenge what’s possible and help improve global health for future generations.

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