Levosimendan Injection In India

Levosimendan Injection In India

Levosimendan is a class of drugs called calcium sensitisers. It is used to treat heart failure and helps in increasing the pumping rate of the heart which in turn helps in better blood circulation throughout the body. It is a flavonoid semi-synthetic drug that treats blood vessel disorders such as venous stasis, varicose veins, lymphedema, etc. It helps to control and treat internal haemorrhoids and excessive thinning of the blood. It helps in the vasoconstriction of vein walls by extending the effect of norepinephrine on these walls. The drug can be administered intravenously to the patient and its dosage is to be determined by the doctor based on the patient’s medical history.

While the drug is perfectly safe for all known medical purposes, it is always prudent to ensure we check with the doctor for any health issue one may face while administering it. Patients with a history of allergies or any major ailments are best advised to inform their doctor of any possible concerns over it. One may also suffer from certain side effects of the medicine such as constipation, headache, insomnia, low blood pressure, etc. It is advisable to be stationary especially when the drug is administered for the first few times to avoid any sudden reaction to the drug.

With the ever-increasing demand for such life-saving drugs for several medical needs, pharmaceutical companies engaged in the production and distribution of such drugs are working day and night to ensure every unit is designed to be effective, safe, and nominally priced. Stanex is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality drugs for a wide range of medical requirements. Founded by a team of visionaries in 2004, we aim to use our competencies, experience, and insight into the business to lead the market in providing high-efficacy drugs for all known requirements. Our mantra is simple; focus on quality, consistency, and transparency. This shows in all our products and the way we conduct ourselves as a leading pharmaceutical company specialising in human injectables. Each of our products undergoes rigorous tests, adheres to numerous quality benchmarks and uses only the best raw materials to synthesise the drug. We follow the global specifications of IP/BP/USP and also conform to the norms specified by the WHO GP/ US FDA.

What truly defines our success and our identity as a leading player in the business are just our world-class drugs but our uncompromising commitment to our clients and their needs.

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