Top Pharmaceutical Third Party Manufacturing In India


A third party pharmaceutical manufacturing refers to the outsourcing of manufacturing work of pharmaceutical products from a different manufacturing unit under their brand. To make this clearer, the product is created by one company while the brand name is of another company. It is a popular strategy used by most marketing companies which saves a lot of time, effort, and money for the marketing/parent company. There are four basic steps involved in this process:

  • Drug formulation approval.
  • Procurement of packaging materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Transportation

With the opening of the economy and investments pouring in from all sides, India has become one of the top destinations for third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses. Stanex is among the top pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing companies in India that produce drugs for parents companies while adhering to various quality parameters set by the client and also by international governing bodies like WHO, GMP, and USFDA. We have undertaken numerous tasks with an excellent record in terms of manufacturing and are also in the process of entering out-license agreements with various partners. Additionally, our manufacturing plant houses the latest technology and equipment which are operated by a team of highly skilled and driven individuals who ensure that each product is safe, reliable, and effective.

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