Non-Beta Lactam Injectables


Non-Beta Lactams are antibiotics that do not contain lactam rings in their molecular structures. They are less powerful than beta-lactam antibiotics. This is a result of the high rate of inappropriate empiric therapy in the non-beta lactam groups. Its efficacy is believed to be enhanced by mixing it with beta-lactam antibiotics such as penicillin. Some of the common non-beta lactam drugs are vancomycin, bacitracin, chloramphenicol, daptomycin, etc. It is used by the medical fraternity to cure various bacterial diseases and health issues in different dosages and strengths depending on the case. These drugs are usually available in the form of injectables for better efficacy and ease of use. Hence, in addition to providing a range of drugs to tackle a host of health issues, it needs to be carefully packaged to ensure the drug is safe and effective at the time of application.

Stanex Drugs and Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad specialising in injectables and lyophilised products. Since our inception in 1995, our main goal has been to provide affordable and top-grade medicines to all while covering a range of health issues. Our team is also working round the clock to develop new molecules and compounds to create more effective drugs. Our life-saving drugs are manufactured as per global specifications with IP/BP/USP and also comply with norms set by the WHO-GMP and USFDA. Our manufacturing plant is fully equipped and specialises in developing injectables, pre-filled syringes, and lyophilised products. In addition to being pioneers in the business, we are constantly engaged in improving our offerings and building our consistencies over time by following rigorous quality parameters. Our highly engaging and skilled teamwork with clients and other stakeholders to develop R&D backed drugs based on their requirements and prevailing conditions. With our footprint in over 50 countries globally, we are committed to leveraging our position not only to increase business revenue but also to provide medical solutions that will promote good health and better medical capabilities over time.

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