Benefits of Glutathione Injection

Benefits of Glutathione Injection

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in the human cells which comprise three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. It helps in countering free radicals which can damage your body’s cells. It takes part in several chemical reactions in our body. It also helps in the detoxification of chemicals and other pollutants our body contains. This drug is also a big component of many skincare products that helps in keeping our skin free of blemishes, marks and lightens the skin tone with regular usage. Glutathione is also involved in building tissues, making proteins and also helps in boosting the immunity system. It’s always advisable to keep your glutathione levels high. Its level in the body can be affected by several factors such as poor nutrition, toxins, stress, and ageing. Glutathione can be given intravenously, topically, or as an inhalant. It’s also available as an oral supplement in capsule and liquid form. Adding the following food items also help in increasing your glutathione levels; unprocessed meat, garlic, broccoli, avocados, spinach.

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