Heparin 25000 iu/ 50000 iu Injection Manufacturers

Heparin 25000 iu/ 50000 iu Injection Manufacturers

We are heparin 2500 iu/5000 iu injection manufacturerssince we have evolved. It’s a consistent and ongoing process at Stanex where the chemicals are tested to ensure a healthy life for a long time. With an aim to avoid the complications and increase the lifespan, Stanex has invented medicines and drugs. These medicines have cured the animals thus making them active. One of the medicines is heparin 2500 iu/5000 iu which is used to treat disseminated intravascular coagulopathy


Heparin 2500 iu/5000 iu injection manufacturers also take care of side effects and supplement levels before injecting to animals. Under complete observation and care, medication is performed for animals.

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